15 February 2017

A Happy Little World...

If I've learned anything in life, the most important piece is that...

'Lasting Happiness Comes From Within'

I don't rely on anyone else to make me happy...
Nobody is responsible for my happiness.... 
If I thought that, then I'd be forever disappointed...

HAPPINESS comes from...



Feeling the warmth and light that is eternal...  

When we find that place in ourselves...  


Life becomes much easier...

And when we 'know' true happiness...

Nobody can take it away... 

That INNER SANCTUARY is our divine nature....  

It is where we came from and to where we are returning...

I hope you enjoyed these little pics of Verity Hope's world...

And if you didn't already know...
The little models that are featured in these pics 
are available as doll making kits 
for you to create your own 
little lands of happiness...

Happiness lies in the simplest of things!

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Susannah x 

21 January 2017



Create your own little characters with these easy poseable doll kits:

Learn to make VERITY HOPE

Learn to make MADELEINE

Learn to make AUDREY

Combining basic needlework skills with an age old technique of yarn wrapping, each stage is created in your hands from the comfort of a chair. 

Using a unique doll face and fabric exclusive to Verity Hope.

All materials and instructions are included, no special equipment is required, just a dab of glue.

Kit makes one doll and can be completely hand stitched.
Doll measures- 13cm (5”)

Suitable for all abilities. NOT A TOY

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Susannah x

11 January 2017

Doll Kits Coming Soon

I'm busy working on the first launch of Verity Hope doll kits.
They will be launching Saturday 21st January 2017.
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Thank you
Susannah X

16 December 2016

The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen 

 'The Snow Queen' by Hans Christian Anderson.

Like many of the original fairy tales, it has a slightly dark side but I can't resist reading a classic tale and for those who have never read it, here is a link to the text, it's a very short story. 

If I were a good Snow Queen and could live anywhere I would choose to live in castle NEUSCHWANSTEIN in Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany.  I might be biased because I'm partly Bavarian too and perhaps that's why I love fairy tales so much.

Castle Neuschwanstein was featured in 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', remember when the car flew over the fairy tale castle?

Gosh he was scary!!

It's also the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

MISS CLARA is a wonderfully creative French illustrator and uses three dimensional figures blended with superior photo editing to create delightful little scenes...

She created images for 'The Snow Queen' in a most enchanting manner.

Do take a look at her work:

Another storybook illustrator using three dimensional figures for The Snow Queen was Tadasu Izawa. I love the puppet doll's sweet smiles and expressive eyes.  He did a whole series of storybooks back in the 70s.

Here are some little Snow Princess Christmas decorations I made a few years ago. 

 I have one left and she has made friends with my other fairy dolls so is staying put on the fairy tree...

 Each little face has tiny embroidered features.

I used a slightly different body construction to the wire armature bodies used in the DOLL KITS.
These Fairy Princess bodies are much finer and simpler and are wrapped in embroidery silk to give a touch of sparkle.  I used to make all my dolls with this body construction but now much prefer the sturdier style of MADELEINE, VERITY HOPE and AUDREY dolls but it works for the fairy princesses.

Susannah x

6 December 2016

Where might Milly-Molly-Mandy live?

Did you ever read Milly-Molly-Mandy?

I'm in my forties now and Milly-Molly-Mandy is still my favourite set of bedtime reading books.  Even if I'm reading something else, I more often than not end the night reading a quick Milly-Molly-Mandy story and that means I end the day with happy thoughts of a quaint little village life far removed from this cluttered world we live in today.

I want life to be like Milly-Molly-Mandy's world.  I want to hoppity skip along hedgegrows past the 'nice white cottage with the thatched roof', knock on little-friend-Susan's door and ask if she'd like to come out to play.  

I want to go down to the village and pass Billy Blunt fixing his box on wheels and then decide whether raspberry drops would be better to have than toffee from Mr Smale's grocer's shop.

I spend an unashamedly large amount of mental energy imagining where Joyce Lankester Brisley might have based Milly-Molly-Mandy's village on.  Do you think it was inspired by a village local to her own childhood days?

Joyce was born in Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex and in one of the stories Milly-Molly-Mandy goes on a daytrip to the seaside by train so she couldn't have been far from the coast.  Milly-Molly-Mandy and her Aunt had to take the red bus to the next town to catch the train so the village is located near a town with a railway. 

Could the village be based on ALFRISTON in East Sussex perhaps?  
It's certainly one of the prettiest old villages around that area and it's close to Berwick town which does have a railway and goes to the coast?

Mmm... we'll never know what Joyce based her little world on but it is fun to imagine.

  Perhaps she may even have been friends with Verity Hope.



Susannah x

27 November 2016

Festive Fairies

I am a little thrifty by nature 'make do and mend" comes very naturally so I get great joy from using left over notions and bringing fresh life to them.

For the longest time (probably a decade) I've had a stash of pretty ribbon flowers.  

Since Christmas is coming up I thought the flowers would lend themselves very nicely to turning into fairy dresses for some little dolls to hang on the tree.   It was also the perfect excuse to utilise some bright red and pink embroidery silks I've not used.

I made the wire armature bodies in the same way as in the DOLL KITS except I made the limbs slightly thinner since they're going to be fairies (and fairies need to be light weight in order to fly).

Then on went the ribbon flower petal skirts.  I had to unravel them slightly so the fairies could put their legs through, and then gathered them in at the waist.  Some glitter thread was added to the legs to add a bit of sparkle...

 Next came the bodices.  I decided to needle felt this part to give the fairies a nice warmth for the cold Christmas season and a little more sparkle thread brightened them up nicely.

These heads were an older prototype version I designed before I settled on the Verity Hope doll heads for the KITS so they were going spare.  Perfect to use for a Christmas fairy project.

Bubble gum pink hair complimented the little outfits fabulously...

Soon they were coming to life...

No fairy is complete without some wings....

And to finish off... little squashy Strawberry Shortcake style hats finished off with a ribbon bow....

Now these fairies can keep the little pink brigade happy.... 
A whole new friendship circle is being formed on the fairy tree!

Happy festive doll making!
Susannah x