22 April 2018

New Verity Hope Dollmaking Tutorial Just Launched!

I am delighted to introduce this nostalgic style doll making tutorial and pattern as an instant download.

If you would like to learn to make nostalgic mini dolls for yourself or as a gift, just like they used to do in the 'Make Do and Mend' era of the 1930s. 40s and 50s, then this doll making tutorial will reward you with many happy hours of relaxation.

In this digital instant PDF download, you will learn to make your own little poseable dolls in an easy old fashioned way from the comfort of your chair.

All steps are crafted right in your hands, and can be completely hand stitched. Only basic needlework skills are required and easy to obtain materials.

- The limbs are yarn wrapped and can be posed. Finished dolls measure - 13cm (5”) and fit in with 1/12th scale doll's house props.

- You have the option of hand drawing the face on or silk printed Verity Hope faces are available from this Etsy shop.

- Limited edition kits are also available for those who would like to have all or most of the supplies readily available to them.

Kits can be purchased with or without instructions if you already have this PDF tutorial.

- ONLY THE LAST PAGE of this PDF needs to be printed out.

- Suitable for beginners and those who love to work with their hands.

- You can watch me on YOU TUBE where I talk about Verity Hope doll making.

It's only a few minutes long:  SHORT YOU TUBE VIDEO


For Sasha clothing, doll patterns and doll making kits:  ETSY SHOP

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Susannah x

2 April 2018

A new little Sasha clothing range.

The new Verity Hope Sasha clothing range launched on Etsy a couple of weeks ago to a fantastic response. I've been blown away by the wonderful feedback from such lovely customers who I also regard as Sasha friends.

It's been so much fun putting the creamy linen range together and the girls, Imogen and Florence had enormous fun getting into their role as supermodels for the Verity Hope brand.

Each studio inspired dress is slightly different from the next and is mixed and matched with aprons and cosy shawls.

Florence and Imogen wore their new dresses for their Easter egg hunt at the weekend, I think you'll agree they looked positively girly in them!

If you haven't already seen the VERITY HOPE ETSY SHOP, this is the link to take a peak and browse the available styles... ETSY

 And for any Instagramers, you can follow Verity Hope's World with this link here: INSTAGRAM

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'Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!'

Susannah x

2 March 2018

Braving the snow storm...

Florence is so fed up with the cold weather, she's decided to brave it in a headscarf, (by brave, we mean brave the central heating don't we Florence really), but she's a little actress and pretending she's caught in a snow drift and has to herd up all her mountain goats. It's keeping her occupied anyway!

This 'Serenity dress' with headshawl may still be available in the Verity Hope Etsy shop.  Each dress is usually a one-of-a-kind so  the stock in the shop is ever changing. You can check the latest Sasha Serenity dresses along with doll making kits and lots of other goodies from the


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Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

Susannah x

23 February 2018

Sadly Saying Farewell To Simbo...

Heartbreaking moments as Imogen says goodbye to her beloved pony Simbo.  

They've grown up together, they've trotted through meadows together and have shared precious moments that will stay in each mind forever.  

Sadly there comes a time when we must allow Simbo to move on to greater pastures. He deserves more space, a large field to gallop around in, and due to rising stable costs we simply can no longer provide him with the growing living surroundings  he deserves.  

Although Imogen is desperately sad to see her best animal friend leave, she is mature enough to understand that a young pony has certain well being needs too, so it is with much reservation all must finally part.

Happy Days To All Those Who Still Play!

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Susannah x