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18 May 2018

Happy Spring Sewing

What a change it makes when the sun shines in a blue sky and the warmer weather allows one to enjoy being outside.  Spring is my favourite time of year and it means one can start sewing outside in the garden again using my beloved Vickers hand-crank sewing machine.

The best £5.00 I ever spent!  

I bought it from a charity sale about ten years ago.  The box was locked and the man who sold it to me said he had no idea what sort of condition the machine inside would be in.  Well, I took a gamble, handed over the requested £5.00 and took it home in anticipation.

You can imagine how delighted I was when we finally managed to open the lid!  There it was, all in it's shining glory, my darling new 70 year old machine!

We are a very happy couple and have made many, many things over the years together, including Verity Hope dresses, which by the way, will be released as a sewing pattern by SIMPLICITY later this year...

and lots and lots of cloth dolls, big and small and in all shapes and sizes...

 and now ten years on, we are still going strong together, happily sewing away under the sunshine.

This week we made aprons and pinafores for Sasha and little Claudia is now becoming quite the supermodel!  
Here she is modeling the latest style which if they are available can be found through the 

This is an Alpine inspired apron with tiny spring flowers and a little front pocket for all those dolly treasures...

A little Verity Hope pocket doll found her way into the pocket... she always manages to get in somewhere!


This peachy number is inspired by the slouchy Lagenlook. It has extra deep slouchy sides and is made from beautiful Japanese double gauze fabric.

Oh, look who has popped up again!

And finally, last but not least.... another traditional style apron, this time made from the most delicious vintage embroidered linen fabric.  Those little French knots are so enchanting, Claudia really didn't want to take this one off, but I bribed her in the end with the promise of a bag of raspberry drops, not good for one's teeth but jolly good for negotiations!

Well after all that sewing, it was time for a break.  The sun was still out so who needs an excuse to pour a glass! and read an old book about dear K├Ąthe Kruse and her doll making endeavors.

Thank you for visiting and wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful weekend.

Happy Days To All ThoseWho Still Play!
Susannah x

7 May 2018

Spring Forms New Friendships...

It was the bank holiday and Claudia was in the garden admiring all the Spring flowers that had just started to bloom. 

There had been so much rain lately that she thought Spring would never arrive and she so loved the fresh new scents around her and the young birds tweeting in the tall hedges not to mention all the busy bees starting to gather their sweet nectar.  She took a deep breath and sighed happily.

A large blackbird squawked suddenly which made her turn around quickly and it's lucky she did because her eyes caught sight of something rather unusual lying at the bottom of one of the bushes...

She moved in to take a closer look and what did she see!  but the sweetest little dolly you ever saw!

The little dolly was lying flat on her back and had the most delicate auburn ringlets and was wearing the most beautiful green spotted dress made from silk.

Claudia didn't know what to do at first, should she pick the doll up? 
or was she there because it chose to be?!!

"Excuse me", she said in a quite polite little voice, "Do you need any help down there?"

The tiny little doll stirred a moment and rubbing her head sat up slowly saying "Ouch!".

"Oh dear, you look hurt, are you alright?" Claudia asked rather alarmingly.

"Yes I''m quite okay, and thank you very much for asking.  So many people have passed by me these past few days and I can't tell you how many times I thought I was about to be stepped on!" answered the tiny little voice.

"Well I'm very pleased to meet you... uhrm... I'm afraid I don't know your name?  I'm Claudia".

"So very pleased to meet you, my name is Verity Hope and three days ago I was happily playing hide 'n' seek in the garden with Benjamin Bunny when suddenly a huge bird landed on the branch in the tree that I was hiding in and it snapped right off. I fell and hit my head and have been here ever since. I've absolutely no idea where Benjamin Bunny is!"

Just then, a faint thump, thump, thump sound came from around the rose bushes.  It was Benjamin Bunny looking rather worried and he had his magnifying glass with him.

"Oh I do beg your pardon Misses!, excuse me ever so much but you haven't seen my friend anywhere have you?  She has delicate auburn ringlets under her berret and is wearing a spotted green dress made from silk?"

A big smile spread across Claudia's face and at the same time Verity Hope jumped up with all her might behind Benjamin Bunny much to his delight!

"I've found you!, I've found you!!, how worried I have been thinking that you were somewhere all alone in these bushes with the darkness creeping in and all that rain we had!  Well, I shall surely sleep well again tonight knowing that you are safe and sound!" Cried out Benjamin Bunny with huge relief.

"I have an idea!", Claudia cried excitedly, how about we all play hide 'n' seek together from now on and we can all be best friends together, the three of us!!"

Verity Hope and Benjamin Bunny loved that idea and from that day onwards the little trio were inseparable....


and if ever you are passing by the garden on a warm Spring or Summer's day, be sure to just take a quick little peak over the hedges and you might just find a happy little trio chatting and laughing away among the pretty flowers!! 

Thank you for visiting, and do take a look inside the 

for lots of magical mix 'n' match Sasha and dolly goodies!!


Susannah x

4 May 2018

Announcing a New Pretty Apron Range for Sasha

Isn't it lovely now that Spring has finally arrived!

I am delighted to announce a new pretty apron range for Sasha and other similar dolls.

Lots of lovely ditsy spring prints and finished off with hand work and happy flowers.

They are available now from the doll shop:

Wishing all a very 
this weekend!

Susannah x

22 April 2018

New Verity Hope Dollmaking Tutorial Just Launched!

I am delighted to introduce this nostalgic style doll making tutorial and pattern as an instant download.

If you would like to learn to make nostalgic mini dolls for yourself or as a gift, just like they used to do in the 'Make Do and Mend' era of the 1930s. 40s and 50s, then this doll making tutorial will reward you with many happy hours of relaxation.

In this digital instant PDF download, you will learn to make your own little poseable dolls in an easy old fashioned way from the comfort of your chair.

All steps are crafted right in your hands, and can be completely hand stitched. Only basic needlework skills are required and easy to obtain materials.

- The limbs are yarn wrapped and can be posed. Finished dolls measure - 13cm (5”) and fit in with 1/12th scale doll's house props.

- You have the option of hand drawing the face on or silk printed Verity Hope faces are available from this Etsy shop.

- Limited edition kits are also available for those who would like to have all or most of the supplies readily available to them.

Kits can be purchased with or without instructions if you already have this PDF tutorial.

- ONLY THE LAST PAGE of this PDF needs to be printed out.

- Suitable for beginners and those who love to work with their hands.

- You can watch me on YOU TUBE where I talk about Verity Hope doll making.

It's only a few minutes long:  SHORT YOU TUBE VIDEO


For Sasha clothing, doll patterns and doll making kits:  ETSY SHOP

Thank you for looking,
Susannah x